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Academic Websites


It's more important than ever to own your academic brand

(yes, you have a brand)

I’m a trained designer and developer who builds beautiful websites for academics from teaching schools to top R1 institutions. Together, we’ve met their goals like promoting their new books, gearing up for the job market, building a stronger research network, improving the visibility of their public-facing work, and bringing in new consulting clients.

And I can do the same for you — whatever your priorities are.

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Why do academics need websites?

Nearly every aspect of your academic life has gone digital. Conferences where you networked with colleagues have become virtual. Teaching takes place on Zoom. Conversations about topics of the day are happening on Twitter instead of the faculty lounge. And delays in the publication process mean you still need a digital space to showcase your research.

Even if we weren’t in the middle of a pandemic, scholars are increasingly realizing the importance of owning their digital presence.

It can be frustrating being stuck in the confines of a faculty page that is designed to make the university look good instead of highlighting the things that are most important to you. A Google search for your name is likely to turn up reviews of your teaching on Rate Your Professor before any of your hard work. Google Scholar fell short of its initial promises. And we’ve since learned exactly how problematic can be.

Besides, if your intended audience is forced to run all over the internet to learn about you, what are the chances they’ll see what you want them to see?

The Package + Pricing

Standard pages include:

  • About
  • Current research
  • Teaching
  • Writing
  • CV (including a digital-friendly, curated version)
  • Media appearances and/or events
  • Contact
  • Standard blog design
Custom pages not mentioned above can be added for an extra fee

The Investment:


Optional add-ons:

  • Content writing & editing service
  • Data visualization
  • Branding & logo design
  • Custom illustration/patterns
  • Print design (business cards, letterhead, etc.)
  • Advanced blog customization

Have something else in mind or need a highly-customized website? Tell me about it.

The Process

The entire process is designed to give you a dazzling website you can be proud to share with the world within 30 days.

We’ll start by discovering your top goals for your website and who your primary audiences are. Then we’ll shape your content and I’ll create a beautiful design to meet those goals and speak to those people. 

We’ll be in contact each week — sometimes multiple times a week — so you’ll never be left figuring something out all by yourself. We’ll also go through two rounds of targeted revisions so you walk away fully satisfied with your new website.

Are you ready to get started on your website?

Completed Projects

In recent months, I’ve helped clients meet a wide range of goals, including:
  • Positioning themselves for the job market
  • Attracting new consulting clients
  • Sharing progress on research grants and fellowships
  • Increasing public engagement through blogging
  • Highlighting pedagogical methods and teaching innovation
  • Increasing public visibility for media interviews and public speaking requests
  • Driving attention and sales to new books
  • Highlighting non-scholarly writing and media appearances
  • Showcasing research-in-progress and attract potential publisher

Who's Brigid?

Academic Websites by Brigid Barrett at Red Clover Studio

I’m a web designer and developer with more than a decade of design experience. See my portfolio site here. Most of my time is dedicated to helping academics shine, but my clients also include freelancers, small businesses and major corporations, including Aramark.

I hold an MS in Communications Design from Pratt Institute and a BA from Smith College. Originally from Vermont, I recently escaped Brooklyn to settle in South Philadelphia. In my free time, I explore the city, sampling its wide variety of baked goods, cook experimental dishes, and hang out with a cat named Pixel.